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Helpful and Interesting Links

Want to learn more about how Shockwave Therapy can help you to heal faster and return to pre-injury activity levels? Click the link and find out.

Funky vegetarian restaurant on 17th Ave in Calgary. If you’re too tired to cook and looking for tasty, healthy options, give this restaurant a try. So good you’ll forget that there’s no meat.

Tazza Mediterranean Deli/restaurant in Bridgeland.     No website- but a spot worthy of mention.

Dr. H recommends the chicken shawarma and Lebanese coffee for lunch. Due to heavy garlic sauce, please have shawarma only after your visit to our office.

Runner’s World pace calculator: Avoid injury by training at the proper pace. Enter your last best race time to find out appropriate training paces for all of your running workouts. When it gives you results, click on “training paces” to give you recommended training paces to avoid injury. Based on VDOT charts developed by Jack Daniels PhD “The World’s Greatest Running Coach”. Lots of other useful training tools. Give the “Smartcoach” a try.

Dr H uses the Forerunner 301 to track distance and training pace. The new 205 and 305 look pretty cool too.

the site for Gord’s Running Store- Buying new running shoes is a complex but important task- even if you only use them for walking. The staff at Gord’s are experienced running enthusiasts who can provide sage advice when purchasing shoes or accessories.

We don’t do computers. These guys do computers. Give them a call after your Vista upgrade makes you want to throw your computer out the window. Who thought being a Nerd would become hip?

A great source for safe, well researched exercise videos. Start with the Core program and progress up to the sport conditioning workout. If you live in Calgary you can follow this page to Lifeworks fitness classes and personal training with Denise and her team!

This company offers corporate health and workplace wellness solutions. Not an insurance broker, but rather a facilitator for implementing healthy habits in the workplace.

A site for chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other manual therapists to stay current with weekly summaries of published, peer reviewed research.

Our web design and maintenance people. We found them to be professional, on schedule, and reasonably priced.